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Lumonics is a multi-sensory environment intended to bring you into a state of comfort and expanded awareness. To that end, we utilize all the arts we can lay our hands on: light sculptures, painting, music water fountains, and projection.



“If you've been by Lumonics Light & Sound Gallery, then you already know it's unlike any other gallery in the city. Artist Dorothy Tanner sculpts amazing, impossible-to-describe works featuring light as a main component; the gallery also plays host to events that include music, yoga classes, meditation, Chinese Qigong, and workshops on expanding your consciousness.”
Amber Taufen, Denver Westword
Dorothy Tanner's light sculptures make Lumonics glow


First Friday Open House
April 3

Messenger by Dorothy Tanner

"Remarkable nonagenarian Dorothy Tanner is still creating new illuminated works using acrylic, LED lights -- and sometimes water. Remarkable nonagenarian Dorothy Tanner is still creating new illuminated works using acrylic, LED lights — and sometimes water."
Susan Froyd, Arts & Culture Editor, Westword



Saturday, April 4
7:30-9:30 pm

Join us at Lumonics for a Special Preview and Gala
in celebration of the Zikr Dance Ensemble's 2015 Season!
This is a free Preview and Fundraising gala, with a
silent auction, refreshments and a performance by Zikr Dance Ensemble
Artistic Director David Taylor

Dorothy Tanner is working with David Taylor on the set design for "Lady of the Lake" which will be opening at the Lakewood Cultural Center on June 6 and 7 and at the Dairy Center in Boulder on June 12.

RSVP to or call 303-884-1910

More info about Zikr Dance Ensemble




A Collaboration between Buddha Bomb & Paul Conly
Saturday, April 11
$20 admission, $15 prepaid

Photo Montage by Emilio R. Roser and Marc Billard
Artwork: Sandcastle by Dorothy Tanner

The evening begins with Bhakti Gayaka Paul (Paul Conly)'s Gong Synergy for one hour, consisting of gongs, singing bowls, chimes, drums, and voice. The performance will invoke the Sound Current: a Resonant Field Journey to attune your form and spirit to induce a state of tranquility and mindfulness, and activate your healing energies.

After a short intermission, DJ and music producer Buddha Bomb and Paul Conly will collaborate on a tribal dance music set. Paul will be playing theremin, drums, synth, and adding vocals.

Video Projection by Dorothy Tanner and Marc Billard

Buddha Bomb and Paul Conly discuss the history of electronic music on Under the Floorboards on KGNU

Advance Tickets



About Bhakti Gayaka Paul (Paul Conly)

Bhakti Gayaka Paul is a vocalist and composer with over 40 years of experience in psycho-acoustics and studies in physics, social philosophy and psychology. His concerts are based on a lifetime of study and practice of music and audio vibrations. Paul Conly was formerly a recording artist for Capitol Records with the group Lothar and the Hand People before launching his career as a composer at Carnegie Hall with the New York Youth Symphony in 1971. He is an award-winning composer of over 200 film scores.


About Buddha Bomb (Rhythm Sanctuary, KGNU, Family Moons)

Buddha Bomb was born in our Solar System on the planet Neptune. Meanwhile, at the same time on Earth, it was the 22nd day of February. Friday afternoon. Quarter past 5. Just in time for Happy Hour.

Once living the life of an American Hippie, Buddha Bomb experienced just about everything Imaginable, and many things Unimaginable. He was one of the first students at Naropa Institute in Boulder. Buddha Bomb traded long hair and a beard for Buddhist teachings and a meditation cushion. After meditating in Holy places for many years, his heart and mind were open. Buddha Bomb heard Techno Music with the power to transform consciousness. Buddha Bomb's calling became louder. And we are all fortunate for that.






If you are planning an event like a workshop, meeting, performance,
record release, birthday party or other type of celebration, contact
us about our rental rates.

If you are part of a company or organization, we offer a Group Excursion for Creative Immersion


Explorer DVD
The Explorer DVD was selected for the first Video Lounge at the Ultra Music Festival in Miami. The exhibit "showcased some of today's global avant-garde video artists." The Tanner/Billard visuals and music are an extension of the pioneering video art form of Dorothy Tanner and Mel Tanner (1925-1993), beginning in 1978. It is rooted in the live visual performances that began in the Lumonics Light and Sound Theatre in 1969.

You can watch the videos on The Explorer web page.



Lumonics Light & Sound Gallery
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Denver, CO 80229
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