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Lumonics is a multi-sensory environment intended to bring you into a state of comfort and expanded awareness. To that end, we utilize all the arts we can lay our hands on: light sculptures, painting, music water fountains, and projection.


“If you've been by Lumonics Light & Sound Gallery, then you already know it's unlike any other gallery in the city. Artist Dorothy Tanner sculpts amazing, impossible-to-describe works featuring light as a main component; the gallery also plays host to events that include music, yoga classes, meditation, Chinese Qigong, and workshops on expanding your consciousness.”
Amber Taufen, Denver Westword
Best Gallery/Party Space




If you have an idea for an event that you would like to present at Lumonics, we look forward to hearing from you, and we enjoy collaborating...whether a fund-raiser for an organization, a meeting, a private gathering for friends, a poetry slam, workshop, or a book/record release party. You are welcome to email us: or visit our event planning page.



Upcoming Events

Wed. May 4
Denver NORML Meeting
7 p.m.
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Wed. May 4
Monthly Meeting
7 p.m.
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Join us at Lumonics for the Denver NORML monthly meeting on May 4th. Agenda: Signature gathering for Responsible Use Denver
Homegrown Colorado - The Music Project
Lobby Day training





Lil Sum'n Sum'n live at Lumonics
Video by Alx Latham of
Feb. 27, 2016:


Healing meditation concert with RadianceMatrix on Tibetan Bowls and Lisa Wimberger of the Neurosculpting Institute on Hang Drum -- at Lumonics Sound & Light Gallery, April 9, 2016:


Lumonics Light & Sound Gallery
800 E. 73 Avenue #11
Denver, CO 80229
PH 303.568.9406


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