Lumonics is a multi-sensory environment intended to bring you into a state of comfort and expanded awareness. To that end, we utilize all the arts we can lay our hands on: light sculptures, painting, music water fountains, and projection.



“If you've been by Lumonics Light & Sound Gallery, then you already know it's unlike any other gallery in the city. Artist Dorothy Tanner sculpts amazing, impossible-to-describe works featuring light as a main component; the gallery also plays host to events that include music, yoga classes, meditation, Chinese Qigong, and workshops on expanding your consciousness.”
Amber Taufen, Denver Westword
Dorothy Tanner's light sculptures make Lumonics glow





If you are planning an event like a workshop, meeting, performance,
record release, birthday party or other type of celebration, contact
us about our rental rates.
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Explorer DVD
The Explorer DVD was selected for the first Video Lounge at the Ultra Music Festival in Miami. The exhibit "showcased some of today's global avant-garde video artists." The Tanner/Billard visuals and music are an extension of the pioneering video art form of Dorothy Tanner and Mel Tanner (1925-1993), beginning in 1978. It is rooted in the live visual performances that began in the Lumonics Light and Sound Theatre in 1969.

You can watch the videos on The Explorer web page.


You are welcome to download this free Lumonics app for Android phones at the Google Play store.

Lumonics Gallery Free App  on google Play


getting by with a little help from our friends:


Where current culture meets ancient wisdom through the practice of ecstatic dance and conscious music. Dance on purpose every Thursday from 7-9:30 pm.

Sons of Italy 5925 W. 32 Ave.
Wheat Ridge, CO
more info at


The Neurosculpting Institute
Lisa Wimberger - founder and Director
The Neurosculpting Inst.
3055 47 St.
Boulder, CO 80301


Yoga of the Mind
Free Energy/Chakra Balancing
Every Tuesday 5:30-7pm
8 East First Ave. Suite 103
First & Broadway above the Hornet Restaurant
Denver, CO 80203
303.668.2358/David Stevens


Conscious Tribe
Local events + businesses for
body, mind, soul + planet

Denver Peanut Butter Plan

This simple idea "making the world a better place one PBJ at a time" has taken hold in 27 other cities across the nation, and in Canada and England. We meet once a month, make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and distribute them in Denver to the needy. Click on the above Facebook link for details.



Lumonics Light & Sound Gallery
800 E. 73 Avenue #11
Denver, CO 80229
PH 303.568.9406

Here is link to DIRECTIONS which has easy directions from North, South, East, and West. of Dorothy Tanner. .Explorer DVD, selected for the first Video Lounge at the Ultra Music Festival ...Lumonics Gallery Free App

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