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Lumonics is a multi-sensory environment intended to bring you into a state of comfort and expanded awareness. To that end, we utilize all the arts we can lay our hands on: light sculptures, painting, music water fountains, and projection.


“If you've been by Lumonics Light & Sound Gallery, then you already know it's unlike any other gallery in the city. Artist Dorothy Tanner sculpts amazing, impossible-to-describe works featuring light as a main component; the gallery also plays host to events that include music, yoga classes, meditation, Chinese Qigong, and workshops on expanding your consciousness.”
Amber Taufen, Denver Westword



If you have an idea for an event that you would like to present at Lumonics, we look forward to hearing from you, and we enjoy collaborating...whether a fund-raiser for an organization, a meeting, a private gathering for friends, a poetry slam, workshop, or a book/record release party. You are welcome to email us: or visit our event planning page.


Qigong & Thai Fon Jeung For Freestyle Dance Flow
Saturday, Sept. 12th
$15 donation

Doors Open 8pm - 8-8:30
Centering and Grounding 8:30-9:30
Chinese Qigong & Thai Fon Jeung Workshop 9:30-10pm
Learn to Add Movements to Dance 10-10:45
Freestyle Flow with DJ SERAIAH 10:45-11pm
Closing Meditation & Group Circle
Snacks or Potluck Appreciated

With Brian Seraiah Wood (Dragon Tao) International Instructor, Master Trainer and DJ
Brian is leading the way as a visionary pioneer of Natural Fitness and Holistic Health. Qualified to Train Pro and Olympic Athletes, his Accredited Certifications and Credentials rank among the finest in the world. He is an elite athlete, musician and dancer with a caring approach to teaching and life. He is a leading expert in his field by uniting proven techniques and methods from Eastern & Western worlds. Brian has studied Yoga, Lanna Fon Jeung, Meditation and found his path to Qigong in 2003. Good luck has led him to China (2008 & 2010) and Thailand (2012) and Japan 2015, where he learned from Masters of unique methods. Healing, Music and Love are his passion in life and can be found teaching and performing at Transformational Festivals, Ecstatic Dance Communities and Yoga Studios. As a Healer he had been trained in Thai, Oil and Tendon Massage as well as a very rare Chinese Organ Massage. As retired Pro MMA Fighter, he has 28 years martial arts experience in many styles and disciplines.

Video Projection and Special Effects by Tanner/Billard
Lumonics utilizes the magical Tanner light sculptures, lasers, music, and abstract video projection by Tanner/Billard. In addition to activating your aesthetic and creative sensibilities, the experience promotes physical and emotional exuberance.





Paul Conly & Lumonics & DJ Jack-Jack
Saturday, Sept. 19th
$25 admission, $20 prepaid


Advance Tickets

The evening begins with Bhakti Gayaka Paul (Paul Conly)'s Gong Synergy, consisting of gongs, singing bowls, chimes, drums, and voice. The performance will invoke the Sound Current: a Resonant Field Journey to attune your form and spirit to induce a state of tranquility and mindfulness, and activate your healing energies.

After intermission, DJ Jack-Jack will be playing trance music. Hailing from the mile high city of Denver, Colorado, Jack-Jack is a frequent headliner at the Church Nightclub, and has played at events of all sizes. His radio show, Mile High Trance Sessions, can be heard on Tune On Air ( His music will be accompanied by video projection and special effects by Dorothy Tanner and Marc Billard.

You are welcome to visit Dorothy's art studio throughout the evening to see new works in progress.




About Bhakti Gayaka Paul (Paul Conly)

Bhakti Gayaka Paul is a vocalist and composer with over 40 years of experience in psycho-acoustics and studies in physics, social philosophy and psychology. His concerts are based on a lifetime of study and practice of music and audio vibrations. Paul Conly was formerly a recording artist for Capitol Records with the group Lothar and the Hand People before launching his career as a composer at Carnegie Hall with the New York Youth Symphony in 1971. He is an award-winning composer of over 200 film scores.



Testimonials about Lumonics

"I believe there is a tremendous healing effect in your sound and light show and if this could be more readily available to people, I believe we would see this as a very powerful contribution to our medical arsenal."
Bruce Dooley, M.D.

"Changes in consciousness can be elicited by certain rhythms, certain changes in rhythms, different patterns of light. What Lumonics has managed to do is put all that together to elicit a very profound altered change in consciousness."
Steve Gold, Ph.D, Psychology Prof. at Nova Southeastern Univ. and Founder and Dir. of the Trauma Resolution Center at NSU


Testimonials about Paul Conly

"I can listen to the music and see a journey in my third eye and enter into that space where I connect with the higher realm."
Areal Marrocco, Wolf Spirit Radio

"LOVED the gong session itself. You are amazing --- it was great. A wonderful way to spend an evening."
Alice Appelbaum, Anchor Center for Blind Children

"An amazing adventure bending time and space with you!"
Ananda, Wellness Practitioner






Lumonics Light & Sound Gallery
800 E. 73 Avenue #11
Denver, CO 80229
PH 303.568.9406


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